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The Last Hero On Earth by Tom Smith

Released on Thursday, May 25th, 2006
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You Never Call Me By My Real Name Lyrics (by Tom Smith)


Angela! Don't call me that!

It's your name, silly.

Not when I'm in uniform.

It's not a uniform, it's a costume.



You never call me by my real name.

What? I use it twenty times a day.

No! You call me "George"!

Well, that's what you're called.

But it isn't what you should say.

Well, I'm not going to call you "The Waffle",
It's a silly name for fighting crimes.
It won't terrorize the unlawful,
And "awful" is the only other word-that-rhymes.

I know it's not dramatic, I might've been mistaken,
But all the really nifty superhero names were taken,
I'm quick and fortitudinous, I think it's worth a shot,

You're impulsive and you're ludicrous!

So I'll work with what I've got!

It's so hard sometimes, 'cause I do respect
And even understand this drive.
And it isn't fair of me to object,
But I hope you'll get out of it alive.

You're a gentle, kind, and funny lout,
And I want to share your life,
But I dread that the headlines will one day shout,
"Waffle cut in restaurant by a knife".

You've been saving that one up, haven't you?

Variations leap to mind all too easily. But, I'll hang on to 'em for a day or two. After you're back from Britain.

Britain? What's going on in --

It's all over the news. Something's happened to the Hero League. You may be the last hero on Earth.

My god, I've got to help them.

Which is why you're the last hero on Earth.

You stay safe till I get back, huh?

Just be sure you get back.

Love you, Angela.

Love you, George.

It's a stupid name, but it fits so well,
For you never knew what you could be,
But when you're in costume, your uncertain shell
Fades away, and a hero's all I see.

You don't want big money, you don't want fame,
You just want to help humanity,
And so, even though I don't like that name...
It's yours. Bring it home to me.

DR. MALLEVO [broadcasting]
People of earth: Fear us! Your heroes are gone forever! Either turn the world over to us, or we will wreak a devastation beyond your most frightened imaginings!

... surrounding Wimbledon, where the villains are headquartered. The energy shield was lowered briefly to allow them to fire a weapon, which transformed a division of tanks into styrofoam, and a team of military sharpshooters into toddlers wearing soft pastel jammies with footies. The standstill continues, with reports that someone was sneaking into Wimbledon while the shield was down....

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