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Something Left Behind EP by Transit

Released on Monday, February 21st, 2011
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Castaway (Acoustic) Lyrics (by Transit)


When I walked down to the shore,
I watched the water tear
you away from me.
So I cried out loud,
I cried out to you but I was to late.
I was too late.
So I went inside and felt a strange feeling over me.
If I had reach out to you
I could have kept you safe.
but now you're out there in the current
buried underneath the waves.
and our past flashed right before my eyes.
as I stood there motionless trapped in disbelief.
So many times and so many moments
that we should have shared
Are now buried underneath the waves.
I just wish I could tell you.
That I don't expect you to forgive me or to forget.
I'll just walk around this lifeless house singing songs. I hope they catch your ear.
You see right through me.
I'll look up and down the coast.

Buy track Castaway (Acoustic) directly from Transit (via Bandcamp).