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Something Left Behind EP by Transit

Released on Monday, February 21st, 2011
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Something Left Behind Lyrics (by Transit)

Stay Home:

So many days and nights of my life escape.
It always fades away with time.
(The color fades away)
It's this feeling that has me going nowhere,
gaining nothing at all.
If anyone should find you
staring up at the unending sky.
What if I was smiling and running into your arms.
(What would you say.)
Would you see then what I see now.
(Keep running, keep shining on)
I'd put my ear against your heart
to keep the beat forever
(Keep running) and hum it like my favorite song.
It's safe to say life seems hopeless.
(We are all alone)
It's this feeling that brings me closer and closer to the end.
before this home becomes your casket
and you're buried six feet beneath the ground.
Those starry eyes have lost their shine.
There's reason why I've made it this far without you.
You had your shot this ones mine I'm taking aim
so pull the trigger.

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