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GRETYL by Troy Gregory

Released on Monday, May 30th, 2011
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U Wanna Buy A Knife? Lyrics (by Troy Gregory)

good evening mr. stranger
did I misunderstand
your gesture
oh no mrs. stranger
I didn't misunderstand what you meant
with your hand
followed her eyes halfway
down the alley
behind the dumpster
we stand
are you a man
do you carry a knife
do ya?
do you wanna buy a knife
you wanna see my knife

who do you find at night
where do you go at night

there's a place out back
with a lot of trees
no one can see anything
I drop to my knees
no one can see anything
where do you go at night
who do you meet a night

no streetlights

the first day it snowed
fifteen days in a row
a hundred feet of snow
ten million below
I made a promise
I never kept it
I locked myself out

lyrics by Troy Gregory (c) favorite rat stories musick

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