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Dark Love by Undark and the Radium Girls

Released on Thursday, September 9th, 2010
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The Beach Lyrics (by Undark and the Radium Girls)

I wish everything was as easy as being in love as a kid. Nothing else mattered. I just didn't care and the world couldn't spoil it. We built sandcastles in the heat of the summer. The sun kissed her face, that's when I knew that I loved her. We held hands and walked in our bare feet. It's what I imagined heaven to be. We built our future homes from the sand and I made promises we knew I couldn't keep. We felt alive, we felt the urgency. But, nothing lasts forever, you can't go back- things will never be that easy again. There're no diamonds in the rough, all the gold turns to rust and I can't even call you a friend. The oceans dried up, the sands turned to dust and I can't even call you a friend.