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Self Titled by Unholy Majesty

Released on Friday, January 20th, 2012
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The Owl And The Serpent Lyrics (by Unholy Majesty)

a malediction spat upon humanity,
to some time is an infinite commodity,
there is no beginning and no understanding of the end,
to the martyrs time is infinite, this is who we are,
in the midst of eternal ice, in blackest night, vile of mind,
a luckless bastard, unworthy, worthless, grotesque in form.
the wicked are known from the womb they stand among you the truly corrupt,
sullied as such until death spits them into the abyss,
look not to your neighbours look not to their hands but to your own,
not a soul among you is clean you are all steeped in filth,
until the rocks melt, until the seas burn,
the clock is ticking until the oceans burn