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Gold Trim On Fresh Fruit by Velcro Mary

Released on Friday, December 31st, 2004
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Fifth Of July Lyrics (by Velcro Mary)

the car came and went and it left me behind
standing right next to the loitering sign
a bomb in my pocket that just slipped my mind
don't bother asking me, i'm always fine

i still have some sparklers on the fifth of july
sometimes i wonder why i even try
and i get so lonesome i think i could die
i still have some sparklers on the fifth of july

pretend for a second you know me at all
and go stick a needle in my voodoo doll
anticipating the bruise from the fall
looking for dates to the headbanger's ball

there's a hole in my head and it's leaking again
but there's no need to notify my next of kin
self-medicated with orange juice and gin
to leave is a shame but to stay is a sin

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