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Dead Horse Rodeo by Velcro Mary

Released on Thursday, September 1st, 2011
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Home Lyrics (by Velcro Mary)

hey mom
looks like i made it on the radio
helped pave the way for losers who do bad shows
and you'd think i'd get some credit
nevermind, i'll just forget it

hey kleen
should old acquaintance be forgot?
i thought i was your best man but now i see i'm not
you'd think nine years is worth a letter
i guess you all moved on to something better

hey man
i used to live on that street
so many people that i never got to meet
and their lives go on without me
you're probably better off without me

hey good friend were you sad when i went away?
or were you over it the very next day?
i still have photographs of me any you
if you look really hard, you probably have some too

if i ever go home, i'm gonna take a pack of matches
gonna burn down the city, then burn down the ashes
maybe that will put my mind at rest
i still think about you, more or less

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