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Dead Horse Rodeo by Velcro Mary

Released on Thursday, September 1st, 2011
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Older Alone Lyrics (by Velcro Mary)

if you don't mind i think i'll sleep in the car
cuz what they don't know won't hurt anyone
i know you told me about the way that you feel
but i'd feel safer if you'd just leave me alone

every time we're alone i get older

when it gets dark i try to stay warm
hear your footsteps pretend i'm not home
you take advantage cuz you think i'm naive
i might feel guilt if i could figure this out

every time we're alone i get older

took me too many years to finally say the words
when it's all said and done nothing's different at all
if i could change one thing i wouldn't know where to start
i just want everything back that you stole from me

every time we're alone i get older

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