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Dead Horse Rodeo by Velcro Mary

Released on Thursday, September 1st, 2011
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Stars In Eyes Lyrics (by Velcro Mary)

it's such an awful way to go
forget about the sparks
this time we'll go by motor

stars in eyes
contained by thin formaldehyde
i used to count on calls
but now i count on fingers

you can bitch about the winter but it's never gonna keep you warm
and i'd play a thousand songs just to watch you write them on your arm
tonight the stars will invert
we finally saw the desert
i swear i'm gonna make you the happiest girl in the world

spent sleepless nights in folding chairs
long island's such a drag
thank god it's the last one

collide with thoughts of mobile homes
last chance for paper hearts
it's too bad we missed it

you can talk about forever but we know you really mean two weeks
and though you fill your hands with water in the end you know they always leak
and all his thoughts are drastic
around slow moving plastic
these chains could break your ankles without even thinking twice
without even thinking twice

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