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Dead Horse Rodeo by Velcro Mary

Released on Thursday, September 1st, 2011
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Sudafed Lyrics (by Velcro Mary)

he said take these pills on a full stomach
like it was some kind of cruel joke
i haven't had a real meal in thirteen days
and the last one made me choke

my daily vitamin's
the only food i've got
placebo remedies
have helped me a lot

my sickness cyclical
it's all up in my head
you can starve a cold for only so long
before you find that the fever's fed

contagious criminal
i used to be so strong
the doctor says that i will live
but i can prove him wrong

i take tylenol for my head
enough codeine to knock me dead
nyquil, cherry red
top it off with sudafed

Buy track Sudafed directly from Velcro Mary (via Bandcamp).