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D Is For W by Vile Imbeciles

Released on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
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Helpless Lyrics (by Vile Imbeciles)

I woke up,
And I could feel where your lips had kissed,

Squeezing at my mind just to grasp it,
Scrunching up/at my eyes to fantasize,

Turn your camera on,
And click the middle finger,
Butterflies and nectar,
Cross hell,
Outta luck,

Adjust the picture asswipe,
Get lost in your passive shell,

Hell’s big,
So don’t you wanna get with it,
You’re helpless,
So don’t you wanna get with this / it,

Walk alone,
You walk alone,
You’ll die on your own cause you’re dead to it,
Gone, she's gone, aah, she's gone

You define trouble,
It’s you that fine tunes the design,
And crumbles when you’re out of luck,

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