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D Is For W by Vile Imbeciles

Released on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
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Playing in the Dark Lyrics (by Vile Imbeciles)

Falling on your sockets,
Throwing flowers in your shivers,
Cut your teeth on hallowed ground,
If you don’t kiss my crown,

Lover boy ,
You could have seen my box of tricks,
But you missed out on it all,
You’ll shrink in my claws,
You’ll play on all fours,
Curled up in a ball,

Simon says touch your toes,
Then you go as low,
Low as I always go,
As you clutch my throat,
Little did you know that you’re something that I can’t hold,
Playing in the dark with your eyes closed,
That’s nothing but a cold throne,

I can hear it in the sound,
How you play on all fours,
Curled up in a ball,
Dress up and stretch out,
I'm sticking around

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