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D Is For W by Vile Imbeciles

Released on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
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Ripe for the Cross Lyrics (by Vile Imbeciles)

You’re wrapped in my obtuse fact,
I hear, I’m the blank desire of nothing,
Bare your un-design of suffering,

And I can see what you need,
If you can see the chocolate,
And rock me with your silent tears,
And I can share the opposite,

Turn off the lie,
Un-crease your tie,
Make that roughness ,
Push it inwards,

Hitch your skirt upon my hunger,
Trick me closely,
How can you be so unkind,
If you get there,

Miserable un-useful and un-precise,
I’m a cloud of punctured wrinkles ripe for the cross,
My tinsel hymn song fills hot crops in pissed off fear,
Damaged crops,
The prayer stops here,

You’re wrapped in my obtuse fact,
I’m the obtuse fact you’re wrapped inside,

Buy track Ripe for the Cross directly from Vile Imbeciles (via Bandcamp).