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D Is For W by Vile Imbeciles

Released on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
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Rolling In Ice Cream Lyrics (by Vile Imbeciles)

Fold my handsome charm, you roll sweat on,
Creep, to soft, calm,
Ooh, strap me on,
Me on baby strap me on,
With a wet mouth, you wiggle on

Strap me on baby strap me on,
Uncrowned elements of slack harm,

Draw blood,
Blood, in peach,
Curiously, you’re buggin, me,
Roll in ice cream,

Dull basics roll your hope on hold,
Embrace me by the elbow,
Erasing partial holes,
Ooh rolling back your skull,
Groaning overtones,

Sow your hinges on my velcro honey,
Your greasy teasing lipstick chokes on it,
It’s not my torn blackened minor chord,
That rolls comatose in your strawberry sauce,

Twilight kisses,
Drop it in and stick a fringe on top of it,
My vinaigrette, cold sweat, lingers on my fingertips,
You’re damn soft,
Cooking hot soup,
The first course of horses’ hoofs,
Horses’ hoofs
It’s a volatile calm,
Yeah a volatile calm,

Rolling back your skull,
Groaning overtones,
Salty salty, black belt cream,
Roll in ice cream,
Shut me up baby,
Strap me on,
Cut me up baby,
Strap me on,
Shut me up baby,
Shut me up,
Strap me on baby,
Strap me on.

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