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D Is For W by Vile Imbeciles

Released on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
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When Cupid Fucked Lyrics (by Vile Imbeciles)

Zero comes under fascination,

If you think you found me you got it all wrong yeah,
You got better luck than you give yourself credit for,
You love, holding my intentions,
You got me by now,
But I got me way back when,
Cupid fucked with my secret,

You built interesting walls to jump off of,
You picked stupid thoughts,
Take me down to your heart,

Drown your freedom,
Bite down on it,
Dab on that freedom to your thought,

Thinking about nothing hard at all,
I’m gona tell on the start of your heart,
Zero comes under fascination,
Cupid fucked it with my secret,

I’m gona tell,
I’m gona tell on the start of your heart,

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