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Released on Monday, November 15th, 2010
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Oh Cody, You Can't Win Lyrics (by VISIONS)

And The glovebox rattled like a snare drum
The part of me I’d been too scared to face
We played our champagne flutes in our cowboy boots
Inhaling the smoke of your friends
with every black I-80 song
And car ride sing along
I saw the dawning of the beast

You choked through the screen door
And I couldn’t feel my feet
We dance in patterns
It never mattered
what your friends thought of me.

And the television
Snowed on my parade
Showing Cody visions
Of this sordid cabaret

I saw the column of lights from the stairwell
The part of you I’d been too scared to face.
I traced cartilage curves like seashell
From some Sarasota different part of you
With every Mass Pike sing along
And drunken midnight call.
I saw the sun set in the east.
I played the piano on your ribcage
Breaking the bones of our friends.

I keep thinking these songs are about you

And you'll keep coming back
despite ex-friends
these crosses above our beds.
With lying and eyes and second tries
You gave me your worst,
But your worst was the best in the end.
So write about Andrew, to forget about Cody
But we all the know the truth to the story.
You’re young
And in love
With someone who knows
everything you don’t want them to see

Well Listen up, I’m your Cody

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