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Released on Monday, November 15th, 2010
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Salt Artifacts Lyrics (by VISIONS)

I traced the veins out of our mouth right down the sidewalk and in to the streets.
And you wore a jacket just like my mother, I called you a friend but I knew you were a lover, or a liar
As I’m getting closer to terminal a, a direct flight from Boston to salt lake city.
It’s a pity
That I’ll never feel at home again.
No matter how hard I swim.

It’s you, it’s you, its you
Its me, it’s me, it’s me it’s me

I’m sick of finding salt artifacts in my brain
I’m sick of finding salt artifacts on my pillow case

And the bathroom door, flew open faster than we both expected,
In that flouresecent glow, our eyes were clearer than before.
And we both saw what we’d been missing.
You grabbed my neck and pushed me back into the wall like a criminal
You said I'd better be good to you
its easier to lose your friends than to make them.

No matter how hard I swim, I’ll never be home again.

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