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Released on Monday, November 15th, 2010
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Visions of Kody Lyrics (by VISIONS)

I thought about your hair
The way it glows under Christmas lights
How you made me stand
In the glow of the frozen yogurt signs

And I tried not to care
On Halloween,
As you pasted in your teeth
Then you fell down the stairs
Tasted pavement
And then my cheeks

I am the telephone
You are my answering machine
I am the life preserver
You are the storm that sets me free.

Remember that line
I wrote down on your notebook
My visions of you
And how they're becoming more and more true

It’s a very strange time
For both of us
in our little minds
think about my hands
you eagerly held them
and now you can’t stand them

I’m breaking your bones
God, your flesh not stone
And every word I pen
Seems to be about you
About you

(I don’t want to be the pictures
You shoved in your bottom drawer)

What happened to cleaning our lungs in New Hampshire?
And making love till we found the answer
Oh god I want nothing to do with you

and those pillowcases
at the Chelsea hotel
will never trap your red hair
pulling strands and pulling sheets to your heart

remember that Indian summer
baggage claim and your brother
watching the leaves and saying goodbye

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