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Nobody Did Because Nobody Does by Wherewithal

Released on Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
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A Choice You Make Lyrics (by Wherewithal)

A Choice You Make

Reactions are a choice you make
I think I'll choose to laugh this time
I'm pretty good at ignoring naysayers;
I've been doing it most of my life

I won't predict the future, that would be presumption
Something you don't seem to have a major problem with
I'll do my best for those I love, but
Fucked if I'll define my life by other people's needs anymore

Happiness is a choice you make
It's my right to say yes
I wish you let that shit go too;
It's easier than you might think

I respect opinions but I have to hear them first
Come that day it's down to you:
till then, I'll always be around

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