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Nobody Did Because Nobody Does by Wherewithal

Released on Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
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Anthem Lyrics (by Wherewithal)


I've been hanging round for years
Lack of ambition has saved me from my fears
All my life, i've been inclined to think i'm fine,
when i've been faulty all along
I'll hide myself away and try not to relate;
it only makes things harder to forsake

This is our anthem,
our melancholic call to arms
We'll sing through hard times
this is the soundtrack to our lives

So i'll wait around for you
Seems hesitating is all that I can do
I'll wait in line
We're too busy killing time;
anticipating finer lives

To jeopardise a heart on such slim chance of bliss
is more than i could bare (sic)

FREE Download: Wherewithal - Anthem.mp3 (via Bandcamp).