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Nobody Did Because Nobody Does by Wherewithal

Released on Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
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Crushed By The Heels Of Simplicity Lyrics (by Wherewithal)

Crushed By The Heels Of Simplicity

it kind of sums it up, do
what you want, please don’t
take on board what anyone else
wants or feels. is it worth it ?
just for a quick thrill that
you’ll hardly remember and
which could ruin what other
people have strived for for a long
time ?

i’ve been crushed by the heels
of simplicity. it’s almost like i
knew it was going to happen. i
bought this book for that reason
and i can’t believe it happened
right under my nose. i didn’t
imagine it did i ? it was
very blatant and i’m pretty astute
so i doubt it somehow. oh shit.

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