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Monopole by White Town

Released on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
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Missing Her Again Lyrics (by White Town)

Missing Her Again
It’s the small, cold morning hours
And you’re on your own again
How long will you sing this song
To yourself, under your breath?
Well, your home-made lullaby
Just doesn’t seem to work tonight
Could it be there’s someone missing
So special
It doesn’t sound right?

Are you missing her again?

Well, the last time you held each other
You cried just like a one year old
She pulled you close to her
And smiled while you blew your nose
Well, the last time you saw her face
She waved as she said goodbye
And all you can do for now
Is think of her
And sometimes cry

Are you missing her again?

Today you feel so low
But there’s nothing for you to do
And nowhere to go
Till she’s back with you again

Are you missing her again?

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