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Wolfgoat by Wolfgoat

Released on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
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On the Subject of Neighbours Lyrics (by Wolfgoat)

Walk through the door, finding him there, a knife to her throat (she's tied to the chair). He's there, she's there. He's holding one of her knives. You can see the fear in her eyes. He smiles and says "let's play a game". You beg and plead "why us? why us?" And then it hit's you--that you're alone. And dreams of safety don't follow you home. And all your hopes, and all your fears are ending in tears. Every killer has neighbours, people just like you. Every killer fools his neighbour, people just like you. Every killer lies to his neighbours, people just like you. So we're back here, back with the knives. He says "let's go, let's make a choice." So hell came back. So hell came home. Your faith's destroyed everything you own. No one's house was safe, No one's but yours. No one's door was locked as well as yours. You though you were safe behind closed doors. When did you replace your faith and hands with a locked front door and well laid plans. "You better start digging a grave out in the front yard, 'cause as the current rate, you're not getting far."