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Wolfgoat by Wolfgoat

Released on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
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Pandemic Lyrics (by Wolfgoat)

Doctors and nurses burned unto death. Biblical curses - Plague fills your chest.
Choke on your own blood. Doctors and nurses dying in a hospital ward. Father bury children out in the front yard. Toxic winds swell to choke us on blood and bile. Your lungs will pour through the rotten grating of your smile. Social law dissolving, bodies lie in daylight. Burial forgotten, the funeral pyres burn bright. The overwhelmed doctors, the unsupplied medics, the dying sons and daughters, the coming epidemic. The clouds rain down acid, the planet dies screaming, the corpse smoke burns acrid, the fevered unseeing. Death comes on the wings of plague. Crack another fucking bottle. Remedicate. Fathers screaming, children weeping. "Mom? Dad? Where are you? I'm blind."