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Wolfgoat by Wolfgoat

Released on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
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Private Battle, Silent War Lyrics (by Wolfgoat)

Woe! Our world burns! Our lives are naught! Each crime is planned, and each soul's been bought. Black Winds cry, stormclouds writhe, blood pours from the sky. Mothers weep, children sweep, men grow born to die. War is loosed, death approved, God had all this planned. My beliefs destroyed my faith. Free will's just a joke to slaves. Told to live a life of shame. Why did he give us free will then bury us with guilt? I am dying under my own guilt. God's own dagger, buried to the hilt. My heart's breaking, like a beaten child's. Garden's burning, the world growing wild. Sins of fathers, never wash away, a reminder of forgotten days. Blood of a lamb, has only stained my hands. Who could love one so flawed as man? They won't save us, should they even try. They won't save us, we aren't worth the time. None will save us, we so flawed as man. None will save us, according to his plan. God won't save us, because this is Hell. God won't save us, we have to save ourselves.