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Wolfgoat by Wolfgoat

Released on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
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Wolfgoat vs Archituethis Lyrics (by Wolfgoat)

Soldier grab your bodybag it's waiting by the door. welcome back home now it's off again to war. Far from home and family and domestic days, sent off to nail bombs and a flight back to grave. Try to run, try to fight, try to get away. But your faith is gone and a funeral song is calling out your name. Cling to life with just a knife and the fear in your heart while back home the papers tear your name apart. Nothing but dead martyrs, slaves led to slaughter. A shot and then a slumber, just another number. Dying in a warzone, bleeding out for your own. Vision's getting blurry, heart begins to hurry. Death and blood out in the front yard. Death and blood on your veteran's card. Bringing hell back into the home, Olive drab on a stack of bones. They all die alone here, with no one to mourn them. All heroes are born here, a slaughter for history. Our national Spirits, glued into new skins, stitched tight and then marched out--our children made victims. Why do we send our sons to their death? How can we ask for their lives when we won't leave our safe hives? In this, we have failed them in their deaths.