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Please please by Wombs

Released on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
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To: Art Lyrics (by Wombs)

Could it possibly be
That you're the one I always need?
There are millions and millions of people in the world
and you are all I need
Here comes the bad news
As if you didn't have clues

I can't draw
I can't paint
I am too content with you
I need paint to drip from wounds
Cause art takes pain
and you don't hurt
You're a heated womb
Sexual Dessert

Could it possibly be
That at the time I was really happy?
We smiled and laughed and hugged and kissed but
What does that really mean?
A utopian dream
Made of

Answer answer answer us
Are you cancer cancer cancerous?

You suck my blood
Until my veins turn black
I want my eyes
I want my vision back
Content and happy
(hug hug)
Content and happy
(kiss kiss)
Content and happy
(suck suck)
content and
Fuck fuck

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